New Doug Firs in Fernhill Park

Fernhill Park Gets Six Doug Firs by Barbara Wharton

Concordia Tree Team is very happy to announce that Fernhill Park’s already impressive tree canopy is increased by six new Douglas Fir trees planted on March 16. This is the result of a joint effort over the past year by Concordia Neighborhood Association in partnership with Portland Parks City Nature, Urban Forestry. Concordia’s Tree Team championed the cause, and Urban Forestry found the means to acquire and plant the trees.

Please take time to walk through Fernhill to appreciate the addition of these great trees. As they mature they will enhance the landscape and create a natural boundary between the southeast playing fields and the central dog park. They also add to the canopy of native trees that contribute to the general health of the Columbia Slough ecosystem, by providing increased natural habitat for native and migrating wildlife.

Join us in celebration and protection of this great addition to our neighborhood park system!

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One Response to New Doug Firs in Fernhill Park

  1. Aimee says:

    Hi there,

    I am an old friend of Bob Langan’s, Aimee Frazier, living in Bellingham WA. I know he’s been employed in a tree planting effort in Portland. My daughter’s class is heading to Portland this week and would love to speak with him – or someone – about these efforts. But I don’t have Bob’s contact information! Can you assist? Thanks very much.

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