New Trees Thrive at Meek School

by Dove Hotz

In April 2010, a diverse mix of about a dozen young trees were planted in the playground at Joseph L. Meek Technical School, 4039 NE Alberta Court. This project was a partnership between the school, Portland Parks and Recreation, Friends of Trees, and the CNA Tree Team. Since the planting, the Tree Team has been responsible for the weekly watering of the trees throughout the summer. When school starts back up, students and teachers will take over care of the trees until our wonderful Northwest winter rains can take over the job.

The trees are thriving in their sunny location (although we unfortunately lost one Oregon white oak early on). The playground is also used by neighbors in the area, so the community will enjoy the aesthetic and environmental benefits that trees provide for many generations.

The CNA Tree Team meets every first Thursday of the month, 6-7 p.m. in the New Seasons dining area. We have many more fabulous projects in mind, and you are welcome to join us to talk about trees in our neighborhood. We also maintain this web site with upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and links to area tree resources.

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