Meek School Planting Phase 2 Completed

by Dove Hotz, Chair, Concordia Tree Team

Chad from Tree Happy tree services does his thing while his technique is admired by his co-worker Scott, Kris Day of Friends of Trees, Jim Gersbach of the Concordia Tree Team, and Misty Scevola of Meek School.

The morning of Friday, December 10, found the Concordia Tree Team braving the elements in order to plant a dozen trees at the Joseph L. Meek Professional Technical High School, 4039 NE Alberta Court. This was the completion of a project started this past March. The goal was to engage Meek students in recovering the part of the Concordia canopy that had been lost over the years at the site and to create a diverse mix of almost 30 trees that will enable the students to observe different types of growth and behavior over the seasons. The mix includes examples of evergreen broadleaves (such as a canyon live oak), deciduous broadleaves (including three different types of hackberry trees), evergreen conifers (umbrella pines), and deciduous conifers (dawn redwoods and a bald cypress).

This project could not have been accomplished without the committed participation of

A happy and tired work crew wraps it up at Meek School.

community partners who share our passion for trees! I particularly want to thank the five other Tree Team members who volunteered their time and effort to plan and plant: Jim Gersbach (project coordinator), Bob Pallesen, Barbara Wharton, Kristin Kaye, and Rebecca Wetherby. Friends of Trees graciously provided staff member Kris Day to lead the planting, as well as plenty of gloves and tools. Portland Parks and Recreation delivered a fabulous load of rich mulch to help the trees get established — as well as wheelbarrows to get the mulch to the trees. Meek ProTech natural resources teacher Misty Scevola helped coordinate with the school, and she and her students participated in the planting. Karl Dawson, City of Portland Urban Forestry, arranged for three donated trees — and got his hands dirty too! Special thanks to Tree Team member and Tree Happy tree service owner Larry Light, who very generously paid for his two hard-working and knowledgeable employees, Chad and Scott, to get in on the fun.

This mini-arboretum of 28 trees will be a great asset to the school and the neighborhood for decades to come. Please stop by next time you are in the neighborhood and let us know what you think!

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