Intersection of NE 42nd & Lombard will receive dozens of trees!

by Dove Hotz

About 20 people met on January 6 to discuss a proposed planting of several dozen trees at the intersection of NE 42nd & Lombard. Cully and Concordia neighbors talked with representatives from the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services about their vision for the “look and feel” of that site.

This project is part of the City’s Grey to Green initiative which promotes the use of natural systems to improve water quality. BES is leading the project, which has been approved by the other relevant City of Portland agencies. A private contractor will monitor and water the trees for two years after planting, and the Bureau of Maintenance will be responsible for mowing and other issues.

The lively discussion covered issues of safety, visibility, species diversity, air quality, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. Overall, the group preferred a mix of large broadleaves and conifers, a distinctive character, and the potential for year-round seasonal interest — with perhaps a few “specimen” trees of unusual or rare species.

The trees are scheduled to be planted around the end of February or early March. If you are interested in helping with the planting or have other questions, please subscribe to our blog on  the righthand side of this web page.

Thanks to Concordia University for the use of a meeting room in their impressive new library!

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