Major Tree Planting at NE 42nd and Lombard

by Dove Hotz, Chair, Concordia Tree Team

Your local tree boosters are pleased to report that a significant planting will occur this Friday, March 4, at the intersection of NE 42nd and Lombard Avenues. In January, Concordia and Cully neighbors met with representatives from the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services to talk about our vision for the site. This project is part of the city’s Grey to Green initiative which promotes the use of natural systems to improve water quality. Other considerations involved safety, visibility, air quality, and ease of maintenance.

BES is leading the project, which has been approved by the other relevant City of Portland agencies. A private contractor will monitor and water the trees for two years after planting, and the Bureau of Maintenance will be responsible for mowing and other issues.

With feedback from the affected neighborhoods, BES has designed a diverse mix of up to 60 good-sized conifers and deciduous trees, which will represent the four corners of the earth and will include many northwest native species. This planting will also serve as an attractive gateway to the Concordia and Cully neighborhoods, particularly to the NE 42nd Avenue business district. Carolyn Mistell, owner of Delphina’s Bakery and member of the 42nd Avenue Business Association, says “We’re thrilled to know that we will have a beautiful grove of trees at the northern entrance of our business district. This is a wonderful development.”

The trees will be planted this Friday at 1 p.m., by city personnel and volunteers; any remaining work will be finished by the contractor. Volunteer assistance is welcome — if you are interested in helping with the planting, please contact Rebecca Wetherby at

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