Sixty-three Trees Planted at NE 42nd and Lombard

by the Concordia Tree Team

On March 4th members of the Concordia Tree Team, Cully Neighborhood Association, The Ainsworth Street Collective and BES took part in an impressive tree planting at the intersection of NE 42nd and Lombard Avenues. The planting is part of Portland’s Grey to Green Canopy initiative which is headed by the Bureau of Environmental Services.

After meetings prior to the planting, along with neighborhood feedback, BES designed a diverse mix of 63 good sized conifers and deciduous trees. The plan includes specimens from every inhabited continent on earth as well as many northwest native species — all important for intercepting winter runoff, cutting noise and pollution into the neighborhood from highway, rail and airport.

The planting is also culturally significant. NE 42nd is a gateway avenue shared by both Cully and Concordia. With an international theme we selected trees native to Mexico, the homeland of a significant and growing Latino population, as well as trees from the southern U.S. representing the wave of African-American and white workers who came to work in the World War II shipyards and then settled in our neighborhoods. Trees from Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Australia represent ancestors that came from those continents. If you are a Native American from a Northwest tribe or a native-born Oregonian of any ethnicity, we have trees native to the Pacific Northwest.

Concordia Tree Team member Jim Gersbach said, “The intersection will now have a unique arborscape that will look distinctive and attractive all year round with a combination of trees not found together anywhere in the city except for maybe Hoyt Arboretum.”

Carolyn Mistell, owner of Delphina’s Bakery and member of the 42nd Avenue Business Association, says “We’re thrilled to know that we will have a beautiful grove of trees at the northern entrance of our business district. This is a wonderful development.”

Bob Pallesen, a CNA board member said, “This is a great example of how the city and neighborhoods can work together successfully.”

A BES contractor will monitor and water the trees for two years after planting, and the Bureau of Maintenance will be responsible for mowing and other issues.

To learn more about tree-related activities taking place in our neighborhood, or to volunteer please subscribe to our blog in the right column. We meet the first Thursday of every month, 6-7 p.m. in the New Seasons dining area.

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